Why use Councilbox?


Why is it legal?

The Directive 2007/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of July 11, 2007 authorizes the holding of meetings of shareholders remotely provided that the following is guaranteed: the transmission of the meeting in real time, that a bidirectional communication takes place so that shareholders can address the board from a distant place, electronic voting and that it is a means where the verification of the identity of the shareholders and the security of electronic communications takes place.


Why is it safe?

It is a transparent service according to the requirements of European data protection laws. The communication that includes the generation of a delivery ticket that records the fingerprint (date/time/IP, operating system and browser) of the destination system is monitored. The use of secure network protocols allows us to have secure communication from end to end, guaranteeing both the integrity of the data and the privacy of the message between sender and receiver.


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